Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whooo, what, where, 'n why the hell not?

I drew up this evening.
I stumbled onto the website for a contest listed here:


I like the artist that inspired the contest.  I think that was one appeal.  The simplicity.  The style.
So I came up with a character and setting... and some sort of story.  But, with hours to spare,
I did what I could to put something together.  A good challenge, I guess...

I don't know why I chose an owl.  Pretty amazing looking birds and their depiction of being wise.  So bold.  I can't imagine what thoughts would go through their heads when they fly home to see it's been clearcut.   Perhaps a lot of big bird words that'd you'd need a bird dictionary to flip through to understand any owl speak.

Anyways, this is my post for the evemorning.

Feel free to vote for me on the link!

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