Friday, December 30, 2011

Hey now!

Well, it's almost 2012.  A whole new year, with a whole new list of resolutions to forget about...
Figured I'd start a week early on my list.
So, here I am back on the blog train!  Picked up a new "toy" recently that I've long wanted.  And, finally, after all these years I finally picked me up one of 'em fancy Wacom tablets.  It's dreamy!
Here are a couple of sketches I did, moments after powering it up for the first time.
First up, are the ninja turtles.  Man, I love these guys.  Waaaay before all the "cowabungas", pizza, and a ninja April O'Neil.
Eastman and Laird's comic are on the list of big influences in my childhood days of wanting to be a comic book artist.  I remember the day my mom helped me order the big compilation book of all the early issues.  I must have read over that book for weeks.
Felt good to sketch 'em up again...

Next up, are a few drawings I did with the original True Grit movie playing in the background.
John Wayne's just a badass.  Damn good storyline, too.  I'm a fan of both versions...