Monday, December 21, 2009


Sooo... it's kinda been a while.

But, things are starting to happen!

So I'm just going to begin.

The following are sketches for a piece I did for my good friend Karin's birthday that took place last Saturday. Her hubby, Dev, and sister, Kim, organized a tribute art show in the style of Karin's world of Stumpytown, by all her fellow art buddies. And, I was truly honored to take part of the event!

You can see all the paintings that were done in the Stumpytown link!

The first idea I had was a Stumpytown Chun Li of the Street Fighter fame.

But, while I was working on it, I found myself staring at my He-Man action figure on the shelf and ideas began kicking in for a Stumpytown version of the 80's badass. I had this vision where there were auditions for the part of He-man. Next in line would've been Thundarr and Lion-O.
One of the sketches, you'll find Thundarr memorizing his lines.

The last couple of images are the final sketch of He-man, the castle, and the final painting. Anyhoo... enjoy and Happy Holidays!