Wednesday, February 20, 2008

midnight hour, my a$$

...hell, I'm waaaay beyond that now.

New show coming up that I'm pretty excited to be part of in a very sentimental way.
The show's called, The Saturday Morning Cartoon show. It'll be at the OuchMyEye gallery on the edge of the SODO
area of Seattle on March 1st. Saturday. 8pm.
Yep. That's what's called a cheap ass plug. But, hey... it's gonna be worth going to the show and checking it out. A LOT of great local talent interpreting their fave cartoon characters they watched back in the day.

So what am I doing? Well, ONE of my many faves was this little dude called Secret Squirrel. Not gonna show what the final piece will look like... yet. But, here's a sneak peek at the sketch of him and his partner in espionage, Morocco Mole.

Another glass of wine and back to the drawing board I go...

Happy painting and pleasant dreams. Because it's what makes the world a happier place...