Friday, January 21, 2011


Here's a "director's cut".


Lara said...

It's brilliant! super effective and love the style. I kind of picture the "crack" or "crunch" under your feet for some he heard you...but it can be seen both ways fer sure.

You are so talented!

verysheri said...

Not sure how to get in touch with you, couldn't find a contact button on your page. My friend Gordon Ludlow sent me a link to your blog because he knew I was searching for graphic artists to feature in our March gallery exhibit called Heroes Vixens & Villains. I pulled some images from your blog to share with you and talk about your style. I'd like to find out if you finish and frame your work, suitable for a gallery setting? I hope you'll be in touch.

I noticed some artists names on your blog who will also be showing in the same exhibit.

Sheri Hauser

plastic bandido said...

Thanks for the kind words, Lara... :o)

2 Ply Parachutes said...

LOVE IT. Fucking rad...hope to see some more like this one. Nice split between painterly and graphic feel.