Wednesday, December 19, 2007

more sketches of the past...

it can only push me to move forward. Right? I think... maybe.

The next big change I'd made with the characters in the painting, were the daughters. Originally, as seen in this sketch, I'd only planned on one kid. I had also wanted to attach these giant mechanical wings on their backs to further mimic the look of their beloved crows. That seemed a little much for her... Also, it was a little cliche' to do the whole wings bit. So instead I replaced one of her arms (which she'd lost from a past mission), with a huge blade. The more I looked at it, she no longer fit the crow look. I also tried the split skirt thing to give her a little seductive look... but that would have been another cliche kind of thing. Oh, and I also dropped the gun.

In the end, I stuck with a costume that was consistent with the father's look. I added a large hood to hide their faces in shadows. With their dark black hair it would have blended too much into the color of the robes. So I bled the orange family emblem into the trim and help frame the face of the killers. These assassins wanted you to know who took you down... MUAAAHAHA *cough ahem... yeah. Simplicity. The highly trained killers don't need really fancy outfits. Well, maybe the outfits are made of silk.

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