Sunday, December 16, 2007

The aftermath..

Thanks for everyone who came out to the BLVD Gallery for the Good vs Evil show opening! It was an incredible show with the walls covered with amazing artwork. I'm glad I got to be a part of it. Thanks again to Jamie and Damion!
I truly left the show inspired and ready to work on the next pieces. The one downside was the fact that I had my camera with me, but didn't take any shots. It was literally too crazy that night... at least, that the excuse I'm going to claim. ;) heh
I'll be heading down again to take pictures of all the paintings sometime over the Xmas break. But, in the meanwhile, I thought I'd post some sketches of characters I almost used in the painting...

Here's the character, Bold, and his original appearance.
I chose not to use this sketch in the painting mostly because I didn't think it was dynamic enough. It explains why he's missing a hand, too. I got that bored with the drawring I didn't want to finish it haha. I do like the expression on his face though. I might use the pose later on in another painting... Now that I'm looking at it, I forgot that I wanted to put spurs on the hero's boots in the final painting. I don't know why I added spurs. Kinda cool I guess... retro's in, isn't it? haha

This big dude is Mr Meurtre, father and leader of the Meurtre family of assassins. Again I didn't think his pose was expressive... The thought crossed my mind, that any character can just stand there with a weapon. It works if it's a character study, but I wanted to convey he's a little more on the crazy side. Also, the sword was a little much. I thought having "powers" to control the crows was a little more out of the ordinary... And, out of the ordinary, insane and leader of an assassins all adds up to a pretty evil character. The other change I made was in the outfit. I kept the look of the cloak and dropped the huge gauntlets that also served as 'bird gloves'. I also took the family crest from the front... seemed a little too, "in your face". I made the logo a little more subtle and placed it on the sleeves, stretching it from the biceps to the hand. I think it had to do with something I once heard about tattoos emphasizing an area of strength of a person. For example, a person who's a hell of a kick-boxer would get a dragon inked onto his leg. Anyways, I figured the last thing that the victims would see from the 'hands that killed them' is the Meurtre crest.

So, that's it for now... Next posting will cover the daughters of the clan and the mother that didn't make the final cut.

'til then, Happy Monday!

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