Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh by gosh by golly!

It's been a while!  Lots has gone on since I left for a Paris getaway.  There's been art that's been done since that time.  It's just a matter of posting 'em I suppose.

I'll start out with the latest.  It's a project I stumbled onto while browsing one of my fave sites, Super Punch.
The name of the project is, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Here's a description of what it's all about:

With 'What is the Use of a Book without Pictures?', each paragraph of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' will be given a full page of artwork, and were that not enough, we will then create additional pages to fill-in any missing story elements and help transition the viewer from the events in one piece to the next. The result will be a 500-1000+ piece collection which will cover the entire story without a single word of text.

After emailing the crew involved with the project, I was sent a paragraph along with it's context.

And the fun began!
Here are a few sketches I did to warm up... (er... not many people knew that Astroboy made an appearance in Alice in Wonderland. heh)

 Up next...
The final piece!

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