Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rewind. Another warm up moment.

The image of this particular person had been stuck in my mind for some time.  It came back to me this morning when i was thinking up an image to paint up.
I saw him a while back during a trip to Vancouver, BC.  The first time I saw him was at a bus stop.  He was this big, intimidating fellow who donned a black trench coat, with a huge wound on his head above his eye.  I could only guess that he was in some sort of skirmish.
The following morning, I spotted him again.  Although, this time, he had an guitar with him.  He sat down on a chair off to the side and out of the way of everyone walking.  The music he was playing was brilliant.  Surprised the hell out of me for sure.  He played a range of blues to rock, not even looking up to the people passing.  This mysterious musician lost in his own musical world.

I walked by an hour or so later and he was standing off to the side, having a smoke.  He'd let another person pick up his guitar and play while he took a break.  But, the new guy strummed something less dynamic.  In fact, I remember it to be a bad rendition of Jimi Hendrix...

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