Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yet another venture in places long lost seen...

For the longest time, sitting in the hallway of my living room sat a large framed canvas primed for painting. It glares at me every time I walk past it.
Not too long ago, out of sheer curiosity, I picked up a pack of water based oil paints. I wasn't sure what I was going to paint with it. All I knew was, something was at play upstairs in the right side of my brain. Days later, I finally opened the box of oils. With a no. 6 flathead brush, I dipped it into blue and threw a dash onto the canvas. I made a pact between my conscious and my imagination to trust myself for whatever came to mind. I went straight to painting with disregard to any kind of concept and sketch. Well... almost, as seen in my last post.
I'm still not sure what the end result will be. But, right now? It doesn't matter.

I took a break and captured the progress. Some details are a little difficult to see. But, that'll be taken care of soon...

I wish discovered this new love for oil paints much earlier. Then again, there's a reason why things happen that should be accepted without question.

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