Saturday, March 8, 2008


One week later... the aftermath of the show. I'm still recovering, and it all worth the long hours and running around.
Here's a look at the final version of the piece I threw together...

The show I'm referring to, is the same one I mentioned in the previous blog entry:

The second installation of The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show at the Ouch My Eye gallery.

What a night! Before things got really crazy, I managed to take a few shots. Luckily, a couple of friends took control of my camera and helped capture the moments. So big thanks goes out to Amy, Mike and Keridwyn!
You can find the pics here:

I also took pics of all the paintings for everyone who couldn't make it to the gallery. Take a peek at all the
sweet artwork!

Please drop by Augie Pagan's blog, too! Not only was he one of the featured artists at the show, but he was also
our paparazzi. Click here!

One final note... My biggest thanks to everyone who came by the show opening! I really appreciate all your support for the artists in the show and for the guys at the Ouch My Eye gallery. They have more shows planned for the rest of the year and you should really head down and check it out if you can.
Bob, Mike... special thanks and mucho props to the both of you for everything! Couldn't have put on the show without your help and use of the gallery space!
More thanks to give and it's to all the artists that took part in the show. You're all a very, very talented bunch and it were everyone's fantastic artwork that help put together a truly fun and unique show. Mucho, mucho thanks!
Lastly, to the original Saturday Morning Cartoon Show crew! Dev, Karin, Augie, and Suzanne! A brilliant idea for a show and I can't thank you enough for letting me joining in...
Another one down, and more to go!

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Devrim said...

Is this magic piece up yet and can one see it in person or what?