Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brew-lesque be fun!

Oh drink 'n draw... a helluva concept.
What better way to spend St Patty's Day than having a brew in hand, pencil in the other, and a stack of paper.
There was also glamourous model by the name of Lucky Penny sitting 18 feet away from me on a colorfully lit stage, dressed in literally layers of personally hand sewn outfits reflecting the green theme of Monday. Each layer was peeled off to a more revealing costume cleverly hidden underneath. A really fun model to sketch!
My bro, Tim and I went to the Rendezvous bar down in Seattle for our first experience of Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art school.
And, I have to say, it definitely isn't your typical life drawing session! I'm already looking forward to the next session.
Though I felt a little rusty, the Guiness helped me loosen up a bit. Maybe a little too much... haha
Here are some of my faves~

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